Louisville, KY


Child's Spirit, Inc.



"The gift card will be able to help me get school supplies, clothes and put food in my house. My son is 7th grader and daughter is in the 9th grade. They will help them have school supplies and clothes that they will need to start school this week."  


  "I would like you to know that what your organization is doing gives me hope for humanity. The gift that you gave go beyond the material. It's huge. This is God's work. You gave my children smiles and happiness. Thank you!"   

Jerrod and Heather

  "The donation helps us work towards our fundraising goal for 4 Paws for Ability. It plays a significant role in Leighanne having a seizure assistance service dog placed with her. She will be kept safer and gain more independence as she grows. We are extremely grateful for this generous donation towards her goals."  


"I am so blessed to have received this wheelchair for Christyana. This will make everything so easy for her to get around. Christyana uses her right hand only, so moving in her manual chair was difficult. Thank you so much, we really appreciate this blessing."  


  "Child's Spirit, Inc. has a wonderful goal in "lift the spirits of children with challenges-one child at a time" and the charity's generous donation to JFCS certainly did lift many spirits."